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Embark on a Visual Journey: Explore the World Through My Lens


explore the ways i can assist you and your business


aerial photography
& videography

I offer professional aerial photography and videography services, utilizing cutting-edge drone technology to capture stunning visuals from unique perspectives, perfect for real estate, events, and filmmaking.


Standard Photography
& videography

My photography and videography services encompass a wide range of needs, including professional portraits, event coverage, product photography, and cinematic video production, all tailored to capture and immortalize your most cherished moments with creativity and precision.


& Design

I offer general construction and design. From drywall to framing, I even have experience with furniture creation.


A Few Words About me

I am a young & ambitious entrepreneur setting out to tackle the world in order to help shape it to meet my clients needs.

-Avid learner; I set out to constantly improve both my personal and professional skills.

-Diverse range of interests; I am constantly adopting new skills and hobbies to meet the needs of a growing market

-Excellent problem solver; By tackling the world through my own unique lens I am able to form a different perspective on things that positions me to provide out of the box thinking that can help facilitate new innovative solutions.

The reason

You Should Choose Me


Out of the box thinking, quick wit, and a unique perspective on life position me to be a valuable asset for any business venture.

Hard worker

Strong inclination to get my hands dirty and get the work done. No matter the project, big or small I thrive in both critical thinking and physical labor intensive jobs.

Affordable Pricing

In order to keep up with a growing market I offer affordable pricing tailored to all of your needs. Pricing will be adjusted based on experience and portfolio.

14+ Years of Experience in Gardening & Landscaping

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Some of My

Most ambitious projects

As I set out to create a personal brand around my own skills and identity I have created many projects that illustrate the skill set I can offer you.